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5 Major Bathroom Renovation Blunders

When it comes to home renovations, bathrooms are undeniably among the most costly spaces per square meter. A complete overhaul can easily range from $25,000 to $60,000, and possibly more. Given this substantial investment, it's vital to ensure that every dollar is wisely spent. That's why we're here to highlight the most significant (and frequently occurring) renovation blunders to steer clear of. Our goal? To assist you in achieving excellence in your bathroom project while avoiding common pitfalls.

Bathroom renovation
Proper planning helps avoid costly mistakes

Misjudging the Layout

Remember, cramming too many fixtures into a small space won't enhance your bathroom's value. If a bathtub doesn't fit comfortably, assess its necessity or explore other bathroom options. Similarly, an overly spacious bathroom with fixtures too spread out can appear incomplete. Correct bathroom layout is just as crucial, if not more so, than aesthetics. Utilise our Customer Consultation Playbook, to help ensure your bathroom is both well-designed and functional.

Bathroom renovation
Better to revise the plans, than redo the bathroom

Preserving Plumbing Positions

You might have come across the advice that keeping your plumbing fixtures, such as toilets and taps, in their existing locations can be a cost-effective approach for your bathroom renovation. And that's undoubtedly true! However, there's a crucial caveat: this cost-saving strategy only works if your current bathroom layout is already fantastic. Regardless of whether you decide to relocate plumbing or not, a bathroom renovation typically starts at a minimum of $30,000 or more. So, opting to keep plumbing fixtures in place solely to save money can be a missed opportunity, not to mention a potential waste of both time and resources. This could result in the creation of a new bathroom that's poorly laid out, and that's something you'd likely want to avoid. #RenovationInsights

Don't Underestimate the Costs

The key to an accurate bathroom renovation estimate is to first get a sense of product costs, which can vary significantly. Before you dive into budgeting, take time to browse products, whether in stores, online, or through social media for inspiration. Additionally, don't forget to factor in expenses for builders, labor, and trades, while setting aside a 10-20% contingency to handle any unforeseen surprises - because they're bound to pop up!

Unsure where to begin? Our Customer Consultation Playbook simplifies the process of estimating your renovation costs, helping you plan your budget and monitor expenses as you go. #BudgetingMadeEasy

Skimping On Waterproofing

This stands as one of the most expensive errors you could commit! Inadequate waterproofing or subpar installation could lead to early decay and structural harm, providing the perfect conditions for termite infestations. Additionally, even a minor imperfection or leakage in the waterproofing membrane may require a complete redo of the waterproofing and tiling throughout the entire area. So, if you're contemplating undertaking your own waterproofing to cut expenses, weigh the potential consequences. Opting for a licensed, seasoned contractor is unquestionably a valuable investment.

Poor Lighting & Ventilation

A dim, humid bathroom doesn't appeal to anyone. That's why the significance of bathroom lighting and ventilation cannot be overstated. Quality ventilation is essential for your design and can be achieved through operable windows, skylights, and an efficient extractor fan to eliminate excess moisture.

Incorporating a variety of light sources at different heights, both natural and artificial, is essential. Windows or skylights play a key role in maximising natural light, complemented by suitable lighting fixtures, especially around the vanity and mirror. A backlit mirror not only offers functional bathroom lighting but also adds evening ambience and sophistication. Our Customer Consultation Playbook covers all aspects of planning, designing, and creating your perfect bathroom renovation.

Bathroom renovation
Lighting and ventilation is essential

Eager to begin the process of designing your ideal bathroom? #effortless

Contact Bathtime Bathrooms today for a free consultation and quotation.

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