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empowering communities

At Bathtime Bathrooms, we are proud to offer outstanding bathroom renovations in Melbourne's South East and Gippsland regions. Our commitment extends beyond renovations, as we actively engage in community initiatives, fostering unity and togetherness. Discover how our involvement makes a positive impact on our community.

Meet Zena, Wayne, and Fiona, the driving forces behind Bathtime Bathrooms' community involvement.

east gippsland performance & quarter horse association (egpqha)

East Gippsland Quarter Horse

Our involvement in EGPQHA goes beyond our love for horses and competition. It stems from a genuine desire to contribute to our community. Until recently, Wayne and Fiona were active committee members who walked the talk. From running show days to building the new undercover area and maintaining the grounds alongside other members, their dedication shone through.  

east gippsland marketing incorporated

Fiona also volunteers as Board Director and Secretary for East Gippsland Marketing Incorporated (EGMi).  Along with other Board Directors, she is instrumental in shaping the organisation's direction, fostering collaboration, and ensuring that its marketing efforts are well-aligned with the long-term goals and sustainability of East Gippsland. @loveeastgippsland 10 Reasons why you should visit East Gippsland this Winter | East Gippsland Marketing Inc (

cardinia storm hockey club

Our dedication to community involvement extends beyond the equestrian realm. Zena, is deeply committed to hockey with Cardinia Storm based in Pakenham. Not only does she play the sport herself, but she also serves as a coach for kids, helping them develop their skills and fostering a love for the game. Zena's involvement goes even further as she actively participates as a committee member in her local hockey community. She devotes numerous hours to supporting the committee, her teammates, and the young players with their hockey aspirations.

Bathtime Bathrooms recognises the importance of promoting sports and activities that bring joy and camaraderie to communities. That's why we proudly sponsor Cardinia Storm, a local hockey club, making a significant contribution to promote the sport to a wider audience. By supporting initiatives like Cardinia Storm, we aim to inspire more people to be inclusive, engage in physical activities, experience the thrill of team sports, and build lasting connections within the community.


Home - Cardinia Storm Hockey Club (

cardinia storm hockey club

Our communinvolvement in EGPQHA, EGMi and Cardinia Storm, reflects our company's values and our deep-rooted belief in the power of community engagement. At Bathtime Bathrooms, we are not just passionate about creating stunning bathroom, kitchen and laundry spaces, but we are also dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of individuals and the community as a whole.

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