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our superhero team 

Meet Wayne, the mastermind behind Bathtime Bathrooms and a true tech-savvy marvel in the realm of renovations. With four decades of crafting a mechanised suit of renovation armour, he's not just a co-owner, but also the ingenious Director of Project Management.  Wayne sculpts project timelines and orchestrates trades with the finesse of a genius inventor. Much like the Arc Reactor that powers Iron Man, Wayne's heart pulsates with a passion for horses and motorbikes, a testament to his dynamic spirit. When not transforming living spaces, he is a devoted altruist channelling his inventive genius to supporting local community organisations, taking up the mantle of a real-life Iron Man in his own right.

Behold Fiona, the elemental force at Bathtime Bathrooms, conjuring unparalleled transformations. As co-owner and Sorceress of Business Brilliance, she wields strategic lightning and operational thunder, reshaping foundations with finesse. But hold tight, it’s not just about bolts of strategic lightning, Fiona's heart gallops faster than a caffeinated unicorn, fuelled by a wild equine passion, navigating uncharted trails with the wisdom of a seasoned explorer. Beyond the storm of spreadsheets, Fiona’s formidable leadership prowess has been a beacon, reshaping diverse community groups with her electrifying touch. She is the elemental superhero who electrifies community bonds, erasing weaknesses and leaving a radiant legacy in her wake.

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Marvel at Zena, an unwavering Amazon, sculpted over two decades from the very essence of renovation mastery by Queen Hippolyta herself. Gifted with Amazonian might and endowed by the gods with superhuman prowess, she strides through Bathtime Bathrooms as co-owner and Mastermind, channelling the divine lineage of Zeus and Hippolyta. Zena. A caring mother to two energetic youngsters, her heart finds harmony in the presence of her pint-sized comrades of exploration. Amidst the tempest of life, Zena channels her strength through equestrian victories, hockey trials, and feats of baseball valour, mirroring her Amazonian heritage. With her Lasso of Truth-like leadership, she reshapes worlds and builds legacies, proving herself a true Wonder Renovator.

Luke, the kick-butt supervisor who's been busting pipes and bringing order to Bathtime Bathrooms for a freaking incredible 7 years! As the Site Supervisor, he's the project management ninja, slicing through chaos like a katana-wielding master. Seriously, folks, this dude's Spidey-sense for problem-solving is so sharp, it's practically poking out of his mask. And talk about communication skills – they're so epic they should have their own theme song. When he's not untangling pipes, he's a diaper-changing powerhouse of an unstoppable 2 year old, rocking that vibe like a pro.  And in the wild world of downtime? Brace yourselves, because Luke's burning rubber on his motorbike, chugging coffee like it's the secret weapon to immortality, or venturing into uncharted territory like a total legend. So, ladies and gents, give it up for Luke – our Site Super Spidey and adventure connoisseur, wrapped up in a package so awesome even Deadpool himself would give a standing ovation.

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